Introducing Buster No1

Introducing Buster No1

It’s important to introduce your children to an active, healthy lifestyle from a young age and we want to make this as fun as possible! That’s why we have designed a fun, sporty balance bike for kids to begin their cycling adventures on. Suitable for children 18months+, depending on how steady on their feet they are, Buster #1 is an ideal starting bike for any child.

Balance bikes have no pedals and rely solely on the child to push along the bike with their feet, this helps builds a child's confidence whilst also improving motor skills, stability and coordination. Balance bikes can help create a smooth transition to a pedal bike and can often negate the need for stabilisers.

We believe, that with its vibrant colours, striking decals, and matching accessories, your kids will love the Buster #1, we’ve also added an ergonomic carry handle and easy to adjust seat post and stem to ensure parents will love it too!

Buster is features a magnesium frame and rims, and pneumatic air filled tyres for a comfy ride on rougher terrain and is now available to pre-order in Brilliant Red and Neon Green.

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